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Monthly Archives: July 2008

3D-Engine Progress

I made some progress trying to recreate my 2D–prototype with the 3D-engine  Ogre. The game actually will be “2.5 D”, i. e. graphics in 3D but gameplay still being 2D since all objects will be in a 2D plane. It wasn’t that difficult to get Ogre up and running and create a simple scene with … Continue reading »

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What’s this game all about?

What’s so special about the original game compared to the thousands of other Breakout / Arkanoid clones? The beater isn’t restricted to horizontal movement at the bottom of the screen but can move around freely. The gameplay is based on an accurate physics model which allows for much interaction. The ball is not killed by … Continue reading »

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Running original Bolo® in a DOS-Emulator

Since the original game is incompatible with modern operating systems, we need a DOS emulator in order to play it and revive our memories. Be warned that you will only have fun with it if you know the original game or if you are a true geek who is into old computer games 😉 My … Continue reading »

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Prototype download

I’m proud to present the first playable prototype version of Rembolo (see screenshot of previous post). This version allows you to select between 3 levels: Level 1 – Remake of Bolo level 1 Level 2 – Testing of balls connected with rubber bands Level 3 – Testing of various stone textures In-game keys: ESC – … Continue reading »

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Current State

This is a screenshot of the current prototype. Thanks to the open source ClanLib SDK and the Box2D physics engine, it was possible to rapidly develop a working prototyp. The prototype can already be used to play the first level of Bolo. Stones can be destroyed, holes will attract and kill the ball. Rubber-bands are … Continue reading »

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