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Current State

Posted by on July 7, 2008

This is a screenshot of the current prototype. Thanks to the open source ClanLib SDK and the Box2D physics engine, it was possible to rapidly develop a working prototyp.

The prototype can already be used to play the first level of Bolo. Stones can be destroyed, holes will attract and kill the ball. Rubber-bands are working too. Everything interacts nicely thanks to physics engine. There are even some of the original sounds to hear when objects collide.

Overall, it already makes for some good “Bolo-feeling”.

Currently I’m thinking about ways of making the graphics resolution-independent. A few years from now, monitor resolution has probably increased again and I don’t want to recreate all the bitmaps then.

One way could be to use a 3D-Engine like Irrlicht or Ogre. 3D engines get resolution-independence by using vector data to describe a scene. This could also open new possibilities for some nice graphics effects.

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