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What’s this game all about?

Posted by on July 18, 2008

What’s so special about the original game compared to the thousands of other Breakout / Arkanoid clones?

  • The beater isn’t restricted to horizontal movement at the bottom of the screen but can move around freely.
  • The gameplay is based on an accurate physics model which allows for much interaction.
  • The ball is not killed by falling out of the bottom of the screen but if it’s sucked into holes which can be scattered all over the screen.
  • Many unique elements like rubber bands, magnets, flipper-like bumpers, wormholes, mines, killer disks, hammers, pincers, etc. that can be combined in nearly all imaginable ways ( click here for a complete list ).

More than thousand words say some screenshots I have just made by running original Bolo in a DOS Emulator (see previous post). I badly made it up to level 10 😉

Note that the artwork is copyright by Dongleware Verlags GmbH.

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