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3D-Engine Progress

Posted by on July 25, 2008

I made some progress trying to recreate my 2Dprototype with the 3D-engine  Ogre.
The game actually will be “2.5 D”, i. e. graphics in 3D but gameplay still being 2D since all objects will be in a 2D plane.

It wasn’t that difficult to get Ogre up and running and create a simple scene with some basic texturing. I really like how easily you can define “material” properties with “material scripts” in Ogre and how everything fits together in a logical fashion.

Here is how it looks so far:

Everything you see is already rendered dynamically in 3D. There are 2 light sources (main light and back light) and dynamic shadows.
There is no interactivity yet (except the ESC key ;). And won’t be for some time as I’m still figuring out how to do various graphic details.
I’m planning to make some kind of glass refraction effect for the beater and definitely need soft shadows – they look too hard and distracting right now.

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