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Development continues!

Posted by on September 2, 2010

After roughly two years of silence, where other interests took precedence, I felt it was time to continue this project. Surprisingly, I’m again very motivated. Consider that the 1st time I had the idea to remake this game was more than 7 years ago 😉

Since the last blog post I implemented the following:

  • Created a framework for game object creation, interaction and linking between physics (Box2D) and graphics engine (Ogre). That was the hard part. Now it really is fun to create further game objects in the source code since they can easily be derived from the basic classes.
  • Created most important objects Stone, Beater, Ball, Hole and their basic functionality.
  • Stones can have associated overlay graphics for showing score or a special function of the stone. Implemented the “fixed” and “superfixed” state of the stone.
  • Created all stone shapes of the original game.
  • Implemented functional stone classes “HoleStateStone” (opens or closes holes) and “FixedStateStone” (fixes or unfixes other stones).

So far, the gameplay basics are done. Everything else is just a matter of variation of existing things and adding details (many details, of course 😉 ).
Overall I’m satisfied about what I reached.  There is still much work to do, but I’m definitely making progress.


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