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Editor taking shape

En voilà, we have a graphical level editor! Well, it’s still in an “early alpha” phase 😉 So far the following features are working: – Select a game object from a list of all objects. – View the properties of the object. – Modify the properties and update the object and its graphical representation accordingly. … Continue reading »

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Interview of Meinolf Schneider / Amekudzi at moodway

I just found this relatively recent interview with the father of Bolo, Esprit, Oxyd and other Dongleware games: (german) Among others he talks about the old “Atari ST” times, when games where not a big market yet and that he was propably in the wrong time at the right place. Though he also thinks … Continue reading »

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200 commits and counting

Today I commited the 200th change to the RemBolo source code.  This also marks some milestones reached: Proof-of-concept for the game object model by implementing various stone types, figures and “immaterial” objects like rubber bands. Rooms (levels) can be loaded / saved from XML files Created a basic GUI for selecting level files The GUI … Continue reading »

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Development continues!

After roughly two years of silence, where other interests took precedence, I felt it was time to continue this project. Surprisingly, I’m again very motivated. Consider that the 1st time I had the idea to remake this game was more than 7 years ago 😉 Since the last blog post I implemented the following: Created … Continue reading »

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Pixel shader fun

Finally, I’m making some progress with this “pixel shader” stuff. Basically, this enables one to do nice effects on a “per-pixel” basis, e. g. soft shadows and glass refraction effects. Though I find it difficult to comprehend I managed to create basic implementations of these two effects in a prototype (see the following screenshot). This … Continue reading »

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3D-Engine Progress

I made some progress trying to recreate my 2D–prototype with the 3D-engine  Ogre. The game actually will be “2.5 D”, i. e. graphics in 3D but gameplay still being 2D since all objects will be in a 2D plane. It wasn’t that difficult to get Ogre up and running and create a simple scene with … Continue reading »

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Current State

This is a screenshot of the current prototype. Thanks to the open source ClanLib SDK and the Box2D physics engine, it was possible to rapidly develop a working prototyp. The prototype can already be used to play the first level of Bolo. Stones can be destroyed, holes will attract and kill the ball. Rubber-bands are … Continue reading »

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