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Original Bolo

Interview of Meinolf Schneider / Amekudzi at moodway

I just found this relatively recent interview with the father of Bolo, Esprit, Oxyd and other Dongleware games: (german) Among others he talks about the old “Atari ST” times, when games where not a big market yet and that he was propably in the wrong time at the right place. Though he also thinks … Continue reading »

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Some history…

… about Bolo® can be found on this site: I like the b/w screenshot of Bolo on Atari ST. I’m especially proud of that I played this 1st version of Bolo on an original Atari ST. I didn’t own one but had access to one in a computer club when I was a child. … Continue reading »

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What’s this game all about?

What’s so special about the original game compared to the thousands of other Breakout / Arkanoid clones? The beater isn’t restricted to horizontal movement at the bottom of the screen but can move around freely. The gameplay is based on an accurate physics model which allows for much interaction. The ball is not killed by … Continue reading »

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Running original Bolo® in a DOS-Emulator

Since the original game is incompatible with modern operating systems, we need a DOS emulator in order to play it and revive our memories. Be warned that you will only have fun with it if you know the original game or if you are a true geek who is into old computer games 😉 My … Continue reading »

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