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  • Create a 2D prototype that is able to play Bolo Level 1. Production-quality graphics, some sounds. Gameplay should feel like original game.
    Status: DONE
  • Try out a 3D engine. Create a simple scene with beater, balls and stones as 3D objects. Gameplay is not necessary.
    Status: DONE
  • Try to get at least the graphics quality of the Milestone 1 prototype with the 3D engine.
    Status: DONE
  • Create framework for game objects. Add basic gameplay.
    Status: DONE
  • Implement all objects of of rooms 1..10 of original game.
    Status: prove-of-concept
  • Load / save rooms from file.
    Status: DONE
  • Add basic GUI to select levels, etc.
    Status: DONE
  • Create a basic level editor which ideally should be developed in parallel to game engine. Level editor should integrate into game GUI instead of beeing separate program.
    • Refactor the object system to provide runtime reflection.
      Status: DONE
    • Integrate a better GUI (replace CEGUI by rocketlib).
      Status: DONE
    • Add editor functionality.
      Status: In-Progress
  • Add sound.
  • Add graphic effects (stone destruction, ball and beater kills, etc.).
  • Optimize gameplay details (physics parameters, handling, etc.)
  • Add overall gameplay (life count, total score, room progress, room finish rewards,  highscore, etc.)
  • Artwork
  • Optimize graphics (performance, test on various graphic cards, add fallbacks)