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Editor taking shape

En voilà, we have a graphical level editor! Well, it’s still in an “early alpha” phase 😉 So far the following features are working: – Select a game object from a list of all objects. – View the properties of the object. – Modify the properties and update the object and its graphical representation accordingly. … Continue reading »

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Why do we need C++ reflection? (or: magic enums)

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Interview of Meinolf Schneider / Amekudzi at moodway

I just found this relatively recent interview with the father of Bolo, Esprit, Oxyd and other Dongleware games: (german) Among others he talks about the old “Atari ST” times, when games where not a big market yet and that he was propably in the wrong time at the right place. Though he also thinks … Continue reading »

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Back to business!

Soooo…. I just want to let you know that this project isn’t dead 😀 Some things that motivated me again: Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition available “for free” This is really exciting as this version replaces the express editions but feature-wise it is equivalent to VS 2013 Professional! Looking forward to VS 2015 Community Edition … Continue reading »

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200 commits and counting

Today I commited the 200th change to the RemBolo source code.  This also marks some milestones reached: Proof-of-concept for the game object model by implementing various stone types, figures and “immaterial” objects like rubber bands. Rooms (levels) can be loaded / saved from XML files Created a basic GUI for selecting level files The GUI … Continue reading »

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Some history…

… about Bolo® can be found on this site: I like the b/w screenshot of Bolo on Atari ST. I’m especially proud of that I played this 1st version of Bolo on an original Atari ST. I didn’t own one but had access to one in a computer club when I was a child. … Continue reading »

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Development continues!

After roughly two years of silence, where other interests took precedence, I felt it was time to continue this project. Surprisingly, I’m again very motivated. Consider that the 1st time I had the idea to remake this game was more than 7 years ago 😉 Since the last blog post I implemented the following: Created … Continue reading »

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Pixel shader fun

Finally, I’m making some progress with this “pixel shader” stuff. Basically, this enables one to do nice effects on a “per-pixel” basis, e. g. soft shadows and glass refraction effects. Though I find it difficult to comprehend I managed to create basic implementations of these two effects in a prototype (see the following screenshot). This … Continue reading »

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3D-Engine Progress

I made some progress trying to recreate my 2D–prototype with the 3D-engine  Ogre. The game actually will be “2.5 D”, i. e. graphics in 3D but gameplay still being 2D since all objects will be in a 2D plane. It wasn’t that difficult to get Ogre up and running and create a simple scene with … Continue reading »

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What’s this game all about?

What’s so special about the original game compared to the thousands of other Breakout / Arkanoid clones? The beater isn’t restricted to horizontal movement at the bottom of the screen but can move around freely. The gameplay is based on an accurate physics model which allows for much interaction. The ball is not killed by … Continue reading »

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